Engadin Scuol

From world-famous spa region to wellness destination

The mineral springs of Scuol-Tarasp

Around 100 years ago, the region’s unique mineral springs and spa treatments turned Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera into world renowned spa towns. Special water rich in minerals attracted thousands of wealthy visitors to Lower Engadin, including famous authors, poets and members of the aristocracy, who all wanted to drink and bathe in this precious resource and reap its health benefits. The mineral springs were first mentioned in historical records in 1369 and they continue to characterise the holiday region around Scuol to this day. There are over 20 springs, many of which can still be sampled at the town fountains, at Bogn Engiadina and in the historical drinking halls along the Inn river. Alongside the mineral water springs there are also pure carbon dioxide springs, known as fumaroles, which can often be recognised by the coloured deposits around their openings.

Büvetta Tarasp - die ehemalige Trinkhalle.
Scuol Mineral water trails
Leisurely hike to several mineral springs and fountains in and around Scuol. Find out more about the Mineral Water Trails.
curas da baiver tras il god bügl e funtana

Bogn Engiadina mineral bathhouse

Bogn Engiadina is located in the heart of the Scuol spa region and features an extensive sauna area and a Roman-Irish bathhouse. After a cold winter’s day, it’s the perfect place to relax and recuperate.

Bogn Engiadina
Klimahörpfad: myclimate Audio Adventure in Engadin Scuol
myclimate audio adventure
Learn about Scuol’s mineral springs, local history and environmental protection during this interactive audio experience.
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