Engadin Scuol

On the trail of the Lower Engadin mineral springs

Mineral water trails Scuol

The area around Scuol has more than 20 natural mineral springs with various water types. They form the basis for spa tourism in the Lower Engadin. They owe their origin to the phenomenon of the geological Lower Engadin window between Giarsun and Pfunds. The mineral springs are open to the public and most mineral waters can be tasted.

Three tours to the mineral springs

Information on the three tours and the Scuol fountain tour as well as further background information on the mineral water can be found on the map of the mineral water trails – available at the visitor information centres.

Download the map «Mineral water trails Scuol»
Büvetta Tarasp – Nairs, Engadin Scuol Zernez – darmar.world
Senda d'aua minerala: curas da baiver
On this tour you will pass former drinking halls and hotels from the Belle Époque. Follow the traces of the water cures.
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San Jon Dadaint-Quelle - Mineralwasserwege Scuol
Senda d'aua minerala: tras il god
The mineral water trail «tras il god» leads to a special staircase in the forest, to a natural sports drink and to a huge tufa formed by a spring.
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Auf dem Mineralwasserweg in der Clozza-Schlucht - miraculaua Scuol
Senda d'aua minerala: bügl e funtana
This pleasant hike connects fountains and their mineral springs and allows a detour into nature in the immediate vicinity of the village.
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Information Boards

The information boards at the springs are in Romansh and German. Here you can download all boards in English. Alternatively, a printed version is available from the Scuol visitor information centre.

Download of the information boards
Dorfbrunnen Plazzetta mit Mineralwasser in Engadin Scuol
Scuol fountain tour
The Scuol fountain tour leads past five village fountains where natural mineral water can be tasted straight from the tap.
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The mineral water fountains at a glance

  • Squirrel Fountain

    The fountain with the squirrel carries the mineral water of the Clozza spring and the red bench next to it invites you to take a little break.

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  • Village fountain Bagnera

    The «Bügl Bagnera» contains the mineral water of the Sotsass spring and is located near the mineral bath Bogn Engiadina.

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  • Village fountain Bügl Grond

    The «Bügl Grond» is located in the lower part of the village in the middle of a large square, surrounded by beautifully preserved Engadin houses. The fountain has a supply of the Chalzina and Tulai springs.

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  • Village fountain Plaz

    On the village fountain Plaz, which carries the mineral water of the Sotsass spring, a wooden figure is enthroned and in summer the pedestrians enjoy the wonderful flower decorations.

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  • Village fountain Plazzetta

    The Plazzetta Fountain stands in the upper part of the village of Scuol and is embedded between old Engadin houses. The reddish colouring in the fountain produces the mineral water of the Vi spring.

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