Engadin Scuol

8th Water Days Engadin Scuol

Aua Forta 2020

Aua Forta.

Aua Forta cancelled on 21/22 March: The Aua Forta - Water Days Engadin Scuol will not take place this year due to the current situation in connection with the coronavirus. The organizers regret this very much, but are convinced that they have decided in accordance with the official recommendations. In the context of the UNO World Water Day 2021 the Aua Forta will be held in a new format. In addition to the public parts of the event, a symposium of several days' duration will be held on the subject of "Water, Climate and Tourism in Mountain Regions".

Mineral water

A good 100 years ago the towns of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera were world-famous health resorts thanks to their unique mineral springs and spa treatments...

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