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Accompany the employees of the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region throughout the summer on their adventures. Let their reports inspire you for your next excursion.

Ski tour to Piz Malmurainza, April 2021
Join Tinetta Strimer on a beautiful and challenging ski tour from Tschlin across the snowy alpine meadows to the summit of Piz Malmurainza.
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Entdecken Sie die vielen Bergbahnen in Scuol
Skiing at Motta Naluns, January 2021
Join Géraldine Lienhard in the beautiful Motta Naluns ski area and be part of a completely new feeling of freedom.
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Wanderung Val Plavna in der Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez
Autumn hike in the National Park, October 2020
Accompany Sarah Hofer through the beautiful autumn landscapes of the Val Plavna, past golden larches, alpine huts up to the national park in the original Val Mingèr.
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Lai Nair in Tarasp, Unterengadin
Walk to the Lai Nair, October 2020
Accompany Géraldine Lienhard on an autumnal walk to the Lai Nair and marvel at the colourfulness of the «Indian Summer» in the Lower Engadine.
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Natur pur im Unterengadin.
Hike to Alp Sesvenna, October 2020
Join Marina Gachnang on a leisurely hike through the autumnal Val S-charl – relaxation for mind and soul.
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Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin
Visit of Butia Schlerin, October 2020
Accompany Michelle Zbinden to visit the Butia Schlerin in Sent – where creativity can be given free rein.
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Blumenwiese - Wanderung zum Munt la Schera
Hike to Munt la Schera, September 2020
Accompany Martina Stadler on her hike through the Swiss National Park into an enchanting steppe landscape that is nevertheless untypical of the region.
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Sonnenaufgang Piz Spadla im Unterengadin
Sunrise on the Piz Spadla, September 2020
Accompany Marianne Werro on her early morning hike to Piz Spadla and marvel at the sunrise at 2900 m above sea level.
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Macunseen im Schweizerischen Nationalpark
Hike to the Macun Lakes, September 2020
Join Géraldine Lienhard on her hike to the Lais da Macun and experience 360-degree views and a mountain lake landscape.
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Bike tour of the Val d'Uina, August 2020
Join Marina Gachnang on her bike tour through the Val d'Uina to the Sesvenna hut. An adventure that you will not forget so quickly.
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Crap Putèr - Panoramablick Unterengadin.
Hike to Crap Putèr, August 2020
Accompany Chantal Mayor on her hike to Crap Putèr where a breathtaking view awaits you.
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Wanderung zu den Jöriseen ab Susch im Unterengadin
Hike to the Jöriseen, August 2020
Accompany Martina Stadler on her hike, past fantastic views to the crystal clear Jöriseen.
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Mot da Set Mezdis im Unterengadin
Hike to Mot da Set Mezdis, August 2020
Go on tour to the Mot da Set Mezdis with Vreni – a magnificent view of the Lower Engadine with its striking Dolomites all the way to Austria and South Tyrol is waiting for you.
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Wanderung Piz Clünas Unterengadin
Hike to Piz Clünas, July 2020
Go with Michelle on the hike to Piz Clünas and become a PIZ striker.
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Piz Madlain bei S-charl im Unterengadin
Hike to Mot Madlain, July 2020
Go with Chantal on an excursion to the Mot Madlain – the partly steep climb is compensated by a beautiful flowerage and view.
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Ausritt im Unterengadin
Riding through the larch forests, July 2020
Join Martina on a ride through the idyllic Engadine larch forests and experience what is even more beautiful than flying.
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Wanderung zum Mot Tavrü in Engadin Scuol Zernez
Hike to Mot Tavrü, May 2020
Join Géraldine on her spring walk to Mot Tavrü. The view of the surrounding valleys is worth every step.
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Wanderung zum Lai Blau im Unterengadin
Hike to Lai Blau, September 2019
Accompany Michelle to the small mountain lake «Lai Blau» and be surprised by its charm.
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