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Clozza spring

The plaque is located near the so-called "Squirrel Fountain", from which the Clozza mineral water gushes. The actual spring is located a few hundred metres into the valley in the Clozza Gorge. The spring intake was renovated in 2005 and then fitted with a viewing window and lighting.


Most important components:

Calcium Ca2+: 346 mg/l
Magnesium Mg2+: 47 mg/l
Iron Fe2+: 4 mg/l

Hydrogen carbonate HCO3-: 1160 mg/l
Sulphate SO42-: 109 mg/l



The mineral water of the Clozza spring is accessible without barriers at the "Squirrel Fountain", but the spring itself is not.


Information board

On site at the springs the information is given in Romansh and German. The information in English can be downloaded here. Alternatively, a printed version is available from the Scuol visitor information centre.

Further information

Clozza spring

7550 Scuol

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Source: Tourismus Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair AG


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