Engadin Scuol

This Engadin gem has fascinated visitors for centuries


High above the Inn river, far from the valley road and railway line, lies the sun-kissed settlement of Guarda. Just 200 people live in this fascinating village that attracts visitors like a dazzling jewel. Guarda provided the inspiration for Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet’s world-renowned children’s book Schellen-Ursli, which they wrote back in 1945. In 1975 Guarda received the Wakker Prize for the preservation of its architectural heritage and for centuries it has been a magnet for people from big cities, who are captivated by the village’s Romansh culture and traditions. The locals are passionate about authentic craftsmanship and invite visitors to experience their way of life with all five senses.

Grand Tour of Switzerland
The Schellen-Ursli village is also one of the stages of the approximately 1600-kilometre-long Grand Tour of Switzerland, which runs through the most beautiful areas of Switzerland.
To the Grand Tour of Switzerland


“High up in the mountains, far from here, there lives a little boy just like you. In this tiny village, poor and small, his home all alone below.” Welcome to the home of Schellen-Ursli! Head for the hills and follow in the footsteps of this adventurous boy with the messy black hair, too-short trousers, pointy hat and beaming smile.

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