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Nature experiences

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Dense forests, chirping birds and imposing mountains - the idyllic nature in the Engadine captivates every visitor. Transform your holiday in the Lower Engadine into an unforgettable nature experience.

Review 1st Hedge Championships Engiadina Bassa
In 2020, the first hedge championships took place in the Lower Engadin. Hedges represent important habitats for many animal and plant species. The championship honours the farmers' performance.
Learn more about the Hedge Championships

Swiss National Park

Roaring stags, whistling marmots and intact nature as far as the eye can see. In the Swiss National Park you can experience the untouched wilderness of high alpine mountain nature in the Lower Engadin and in the Val Müstair at close quarters.

To the Swiss National Park
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Engiadina Val Müstair
Learn more about Switzerland's first high alpine biosphere reserve, where 80 percent of the farmers cultivate purely organic produces.
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Engiadina Val Müstair

Fundaziun Pro Terra Engiadina

The Fundaziun Pro Terra Engiadina ensures that the development of ecological values is in harmony with social and economic demands.

Fundaziun Pro Terra Engiadina
Freizeit in Einklang mit der Natur.
Respect nature: leisure in harmony with nature
The National Park Region impresses with its unspoilt nature. In order to preserve this beauty, we are all asked to take care and show consideration. Thank you for respecting nature.
Tips for «respect nature»

Theme trails

  • Bear theme trail – «senda da l'uors»

    The WWF adventure trail informs young and old visitors to the Swiss National Park about the lifestyle of the recurring bear.

    To the path
  • Theme trail Chant Blau

    Splashing water invites you to linger on the Chant Blau plateau or to cool off from your hike.

    To the path
  • Warzenbeisserweg

    On the Tschlin farming terraces, you will not only be surrounded by butterflies and breeding birds, but you will also learn something about the local nature.

    To the path
  • Champlönch: Along the old mule track

    Find out which animals live in the Swiss National Park, which plants you will find and what a park ranger does in his work with the virtual hiking guide.

    To the path
The stay in the Lower Engadin becomes a volunteering assignment to help nature. In the process, new acquaintances are made that are more than just holiday acquaintances.
GEO Day of Nature
Researchers search for old and new species of animals or plants in the Lower Engadin or Val Müstair within 24 hours.
GEO-Tag der Natur

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