Engadin Scuol

On the way in the Swiss National Park

Park ranger Not Armon Willy

For hours he sits in front of his precision telescope and observes the slopes of the Val Foraz. The job of a national park warden requires a lot of patience - and Not Armon Willy has that. He notes down every deer and chamois he sees. There are about 400 red deer in his sector, 2000 in the whole National Park.

Facts and figures about the National Park

  • Objectives: protect, research, inform 
  • Foundation: 1 August 1914 
  • Area: 170.3 km2 
  • Altitude: 1400 - 3174 m (Piz Pisoc) 
  • Communities: Zernez, Scuol, S-chanf, Val Müstair
  • Hiking trails: 21 routes, 100 km in total, 18 resting places
  • Spend the night: Chamanna Cluoza, Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn
  • Structure: 28 % forest, 21 % alpine mats, 51 % rock, scree 
  • Rock: 80 % dolomite and lime 
  • Mammals: 36 species 
  • Birds: 100 species, of which 60 are breeding birds 
  • Invertebrates: 5000 species 
  • Higher plants: 650 species

The Swiss National Park is closed to visitors in winter.

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