Engadin Scuol

Romansh culture, homesickness, tradition and authenticity


Sent’s most famous residents have achieved success on the international stage, yet sooner or later, they all return home. The village’s history and architecture speak volumes about its significant period of emigration. Nevertheless, Sent, which was formerly the largest village in Lower Engadin, remains a prime example of Romansh culture. Expressions of this ancient culture can be heard, seen and tasted throughout the settlement. Purveyors of handcrafted cheeses, meats and confectionery dominate the lively laneways. The landscape between Val Sinestra and Val d’Uina is at times charming, at times dramatic – and adored by hikers and mountain bikers alike. Once you’ve been to Sent, you will understand why the locals who leave always end up coming back.

Museum Variety

  • Museum Sent

    Insight into the life of our ancestors as they lived as farmers and musicians around 1890. The functions of the Engadine farmhouse with its workrooms and utensils are explained.

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  • Alberto Giacometti Museum

    The public collection of the hotelier Carlos Gross in the Pensiun Aldier has been gathered over 25 years around the world and is the result of years of meticulous research and passion.

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