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Hike to Alp Sesvenna

Begleiten Sie mich auf einer gemütlichen Wanderung durch das herbstliche Val S-charl – Entspannung für Geist und Seele.

Details of the hike

Join me on a leisurely hike through the autumnal Val S-charl – relaxation for mind and soul.

From Marina Gachnang

Along the only road in this side valley we pass golden larches, pines, Swiss stone pines and huge scree fields. We hear nothing, only the engine, the wind and sometimes the melody of the warning horn of the post bus as it drives around the narrow curves of the lonely road. Here – trapped between the mountains - where the road was once 20 metres lower, several storms and heavy rainfall have already led to landslides. The landscape tells a story.

The situation is completely different when we arrive in S-charl. The village seems untouched and original. We start walking and our path leads us briefly through the small village with its beautiful Engadine houses and the large village well, which is the centre of the former miners' settlement. Now we walk slightly uphill, the path to Alp Sesvenna is already marked in the village and leads along the «God Sesvenna» and the mountain stream «Aua Sesvenna».

When we arrive at the barbecue area in the Pradè clearing, we pause for a moment to enjoy the silence and the breathtaking view. The intense colours of the trees, the steel blue sky – both are captivating and make us forget time. From here it is a good 30 minutes to the alp. On the way back we pass the fireplace again and admire the panorama one last time before we walk back down to the village. The village is already quiet in the evening, the sun disappears relatively quickly in autumn and it is slowly getting cooler. On the way back, the last rays of sunshine shimmer through the depths of the valley and accompany us on our way home.

Marina Gachnang
Marina Gachnang

Marina Gachnang is completing her internship in 2020/21 at the Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region and works at the Scuol location in the guest information and content team. In her free time she likes to explore the Engadin by mountain bike.

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