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Hike to the Macun Lakes

Details of the hike

Join me on my hike to the Lais da Macun and experience 360-degree views and a mountain lake landscape.

From Géraldine Lienhard

The Macun Lakes, known in Romansh as the «Lais da Macun», were one of my hiking destinations for 2020. At the beginning of September, the time had come and together with friends, I set off for Zernez. We decided to travel by public transport, which was very convenient and allowed us to be flexible about the route we wanted to take. From Zernez we made use of the shuttle offer and were driven to the forest border. This saved us the first two hours of hiking.

From here we continued on foot – first on a wide field path, then on the hiking trail. The path zigzags for about one and a half hours to a lookout point at 2682 m above sea level. This hilltop turns out to be the first highlight of the tour. Because from here you have a fantastic view towards the Ofen Pass and on the other side into the Upper Engadine. A steep passage is already waiting for us in the back, so we take a short break.

The tour continues towards the summit. Here you need to be particularly sure-footed, as the initial trail quickly leads into a scree of large stones. The trail is well signposted and equipped with a chain in difficult places to hold on to. This part of the trail is steep and demanding, but what you will find at the end will make you forget all the effort.

The view from the summit «Munt Baselgia» is unique. Our eyes are directed towards the wide lake district of Macun, the pyramid of Piz Arpiglias, the chain of Piz Macun and the dark figure of Piz Nuna. From the east, the Ofen Pass area greets you with the Italian Ortler massif at its end. To the south, the mighty Bernina Group is unmistakable, while the Sarsura Glacier is visible to the west. Here we take another break and simply enjoy the view of the mountain world around us.

But for the bigger rest we drive a little further, near the lakes. For this we hike down towards Lavin for about 30 minutes. There are also some very stony sections here, so be careful. As we are now in the area of the Swiss National Park, we will find the limited rest area and strengthen ourselves for the descent.

We descend either directly or via a loop between the lakes. We choose the latter, which only takes half an hour more walking time and leads us to a dark blue mountain lake, the Lai dal Dragun (Dragon Lake).

From here, the trail descends along easy paths past the Alp Zeznina (1958 m) and continues along a wider path through the forest to Lavin. The descent takes about three more hours, counting from the last lake. So the joy is great when we arrive in Lavin and start the last ascent to the station. Tired but fascinated by this tour, we get on the train and look forward to the end of this beautiful summer evening.

Important to know:

  • Arrival: by train and shuttle bus 
  • Duration: approx. 6 hours walking time
  • Equipment: hiking boots, warm clothing, sun and rain protection, binoculars recommended, picnic
Géraldine Lienhard
Géraldine Lienhard

Géraldine Lienhard has lived in Scuol since July 2019 and works for the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region as project manager for content management. In her free time she likes to spend her time in the Engadine mountains on foot.

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