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Spring ski tour to Piz Malmurainza

Join me on a beautiful and challenging ski tour from Tschlin across the snowy alpine meadows to the summit of Piz Malmurainza. A ski tour with a wonderful view of the Lower Engadine mountain scenery.

From Tinetta Strimer

Above Tschlin, in the shadow of the better-known Muttler, there is a summit that is not so often visited. Since I had already been to the summit of Piz Malmurainza on foot in summer, I wanted to conquer it in winter on touring skis.

Shortly before eight o'clock, six of us start our ski tour from the outskirts of Tschlin at 1562 metres above sea level. The route takes us from Praditsch via Flütnas to the southern slopes of Malmurainza. Until then, the terrain is not too steep and we enjoy this beautiful Sunday morning to the full.

Before we take the final slope to the ridge «Spi da Faschalunga» under our feet, we fortify ourselves again with a bar. The slopes now become steeper and steeper and we decide to mount the crampons. We choose a fairly direct route, which results in some hairpin bends. Concentration is now required so that we don't lose unnecessary strength. When we reach the ridge, we take another short break before we start walking towards Piz Malmurainza.

After a 20-minute walk, we reach Piz Malmurainza at 3038 m above sea level and can marvel at the magnificent view. Of course we don't do without an entry in the summit book and also enjoy the well-deserved rest. We get ready for the descent and walk back to the place where we deposited the skis. One could also start directly from the summit through a couloir, but we have already discarded this variant due to the snow conditions on the ascent. Fantastic sulz surfing now awaits us all the way back to Tschlin.

Helpful hints / Facts about ski touring:

  • Arrival: Parking spaces are available behind the San Plasch church. Arrival by post bus is also possible, depending on the start time.
  • Duration: ascent around three hours
  • Equipment: Touring ski equipment incl. crampons, clothing suitable for the weather, clothing for changing at the summit, drink and provisions for the journey.
  • Requirements - technique: suitable for advanced skiers with little experience
  • Requirements - fitness: long, ascents three to five hours
Tinetta Strimer
Tinetta Strimer

Tinetta Strimer grew up in Ardez and has been working for the Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region since 2015. In her free time, she can mainly be found on her bike in summer and on the cross-country ski trail in winter.

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