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Join me in the beautiful Motta Naluns ski area in Scuol and be part of a completely new feeling of freedom.

From Géraldine Lienhard

The clicking sound when mounting the skis, the fresh air blowing in your face and the view of the Lower Engadine mountains – how I had missed all this. My joy was all the greater when the first snow fell in Scuol and I could get my boards out of the cellar. Although I used to be a real skiing slacker, this winter I could hardly wait. 

Together with my friends, I set off one Sunday morning in January in the direction of the mountain railways in Scuol. We had already bought our ski tickets online. This meant we could board the gondola directly and set off for the ski area. 

The sun was not yet visible this morning, but this did not have a negative effect on the atmosphere. On the contrary, the light of the first rays of sun made the surrounding peaks look even more majestic than usual.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the pistes at Motta Naluns. After a look at the piste map, we decided without further ado to ski through from left to right and started with the descent via Prui and on to Ftan. I particularly like the forest passages and the long, flatter sections here. We then continued via the Schlivera, Jonvrai, Mot da Ri, Piz Nair and finally Muntanella slopes. I was particularly taken with the Mot da Ri piste, as it offers a lot of space and I can make big turns - an incredible skiing experience! 

For hunger around noon, we then returned to the «Naluns» lift. Despite the current situation, you have the option of getting refreshments in the form of take-aways in the restaurants in the ski area. We made direct use of this and took a short break in the sun that had now appeared. 

Back on the skis, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and the good slopes until the very end. But there was one thing we had saved for last – the downhill run to Scuol. The sky was almost a little kitschy as we made the last moves of the day towards Scuol. The next ski day will certainly not be long in coming.

Géraldine Lienhard
Géraldine Lienhard

Géraldine Lienhard has lived in Scuol since July 2019 and works for the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region as project manager for content management. In her free time she likes to spend her time in the Engadine mountains on foot.

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