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Sunrise on the Piz Spadla

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If you want to experience a sunrise, you have to get up early. I will take you on a hike to the Piz Spadla, on which beautiful sunrises can be admired.

From Marianne Werro

On a Tuesday morning in the morning - the weather promised good things and the sunrise was announced at 06.57 o'clock - we started our hike at 05.15 o'clock. Due to time constraints, we had the luxury of a car ride to about one kilometre before Alp Spadla. There we started our march on the hiking trail towards Mot Spadla. Without a headlamp there would have been nothing to be done, one day before the moon was empty.

Well my companions had some with them. We quickly climbed uphill, the avalanche barriers of the Mot Spadla can be seen from far away. After 45 minutes the first stage goal was reached. By the way, because you can see the Mot Spadla from the village square in Sent, one of the numerous bonfires is lit on the mountain top on 1 August each year.

Continue on a less steep ridge towards Piz Spadla. On this way the visibility is great. You can see far into the Val Laver, the Piz Davo Lais, the Champatsch (a corner of our ski gorge), the Piz Arina and the valley to Vnà and Ramosch. 

A passage which once gave the path the «blue-white» status is now marked with a chain. You can hold on to it and thus bridge the somewhat tricky parts. However, you should be free from giddiness, because these parts are quite exposed.

Arrived at the Piz Spadla we wait for the sunrise. In the meantime we are busy taking pictures. From here, of course, you can also see the inhabited side of the valley, namely towards Scuol, Tarasp, Alp Laisch and Crap Putèr. My companion Reto even brought a Tschliner beer with him, because he has a tradition of always taking a picture with a beer on it when he is on a «Piz». The entry in the summit book must not be forgotten – to read who was there last and make your own comment on how you feel.

My two companions and I have to go to work today. That is why we will soon start our descent. A bit unconventional we take the «short cut» in the direction of Alp Spadla. However, this requires good shoes and helping poles. It is easy to slip on the scree. But it is not dangerous - you slip for a few metres, but you cannot fall anywhere. Now we have reached the alp Spadla. We still have a few 100 meters to the car. Great memories of this wonderful hike, which we now take with us after this brisk start to the day. With pleasure again!

Important to know:

  • Weather forecast: it is best to find out before the hike when sunrise can be expected
  • Equipment: hiking boots, warm clothing, sun and rain protection, picnic
Marianne Werro
Marianne Werro

Marianne Werro is a member of the guest information team and can mainly be found in the branch office in Sent. In her free time she enjoys travelling, especially on foot in the Engadine mountains.

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