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Walk to the Lai Nair

Accompany me on an autumnal walk to the Lai Nair and marvel with me at the colourfulness of the Indian Summer in the Lower Engadin.

From Géraldine Lienhard

The sun rises slowly behind the Lower Engadine Dolomites and wakes us up gently – a Sunday morning like out of a picture book. In Scuol, too, the discolouration has now taken its course, and so the woods now show themselves in their most beautiful, golden dresses. It literally pulls you outside.

So after breakfast you can already start. Together with a friend, who is visiting at the moment, I start with the local bus in direction Tarasp. From here I continue on foot. Already the first meters through the village part Tarasp Fontana are a pleasure, because the Engadin architectural style is well recognizable here and gives the alleys their charm. Behind it, you can see the picturesque forest landscape towards Val Plavna and Crap Putèr.

Leaving the village, we follow a forest path up to Lai Nair. Already during the ascent we catch a glimpse of the castle Tarasp as well as of the opposite side of the valley, towards Ftan and the ski and hiking area Motta Naluns – a feast for the eyes. After about 20 minutes walking we reach a plateau. Right in the middle of the «Lai Nair», in English black lake.

The plateau on which the Lai Nair is situated can certainly be considered one of the most beautiful spots in the Lower Engadin. The lake is a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers and is ideal for a refreshing swim in summer. In addition, several fireplaces invite you to barbecue and linger. Photographers also love this place, because the reflection in the water and the sunsets are especially beautiful to capture here.

Today, however, we turn off towards Avrona before Lai Nair. Therefore we walk above the lake and have a last look at the Lai Nair, as it lies here in front of the mountain landscape. The autumnal scent in the air makes the moment perfect.

Enough amazement, we continue our walk through the forest until we reach a clearing which shows us a part of the valley Val S-charl. From here we descend to the hamlet of Avrona. We stop at the Avrona inn and warm up with a cappuccino. Even though the sun is always with us on our round, the temperatures already give us an idea of the upcoming winter.

From Avrona we will lastly descend to Vulpera and then continue to Scuol. When we reach the bottom, our cheeks are red and the sun is almost not visible. We are now looking forward to a final rest in the mineral bath Bogn Engiadina Scuol and are also floating in the warm mineral water and the pleasant heat of the sauna, still thinking about today.

Important to know:

  • Arrival: by PostBus
  • Duration: about 2.5 hours walking time
  • Equipment: shoes with good tread, warm clothing, sun and rain protection
Géraldine Lienhard
Géraldine Lienhard

Géraldine Lienhard has lived in Scuol since July 2019 and works for the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region as project manager for content management. In her free time she likes to spend her time in the Engadine mountains on foot.

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