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Regional specialities and organic products

In the Lower Engadin, agriculture was for centuries the most important industry and livelihood for the inhabitants of this remote valley and great importance was always attached to quality. Our guests can still feel this today when enjoying the many local products and specialities that can be tasted in all the mountain villages – many of them in the best organic quality with meat from the valley and milk directly from the alp. And thanks to the many farmers and more than 80 organic farms from Zernez/Brail to Martina, these traditions live on and invite you again and again to culinary highlights in the village shops, on the Alps and in the many restaurants with regional specialities.

Regional Engadin specialities

  • Plain in Pigna

    A typical dish of the Engadin made from potatoes, flour, milk and salsiz – simply prepared and really delicious.

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  • Engadin nut cake

    The classic and a popular «souvenir». Originally from southern regions where the walnut is native, it is still produced today by some descendants of the Engadin confectioners.

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  • Capuns

    A traditional dish from Grisons, which can be found in countless variations in the restaurants. The dough is wrapped in chard leaves, served with fine sauces and often topped with cheese.

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  • Bündnerfleisch

    The dried meat is produced according to old tradition and transferred knowledge in a complex process. In the Lower Engadin, you can enjoy the Bündnerfleisch from Zanetti and Hatecke.

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  • Pizokels

    Pizokels are a popular pastry from Grisons. The dough can best be compared to that of «Spätzle» or «Knöpfli». They are usually topped with cheese.

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  • Pear bread

    This inside dark, rather juicy speciality is not to be excluded from the Christmas season. Dried pears, figs and nuts are special ingredients for the white flour dough.

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  • Mountain Cheese from the lower Engadin

    It is impossible to imagine an Alpine region without mountain cheese. Many Alps produce their own cheese.

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Engadiner Gerichte - Rezepte
Engadine dishes – original recipes
Discover the recipes of the Engadine chef Nesa Valentin.
To the recipes (in German)
Bun Tschlin
The Bun Tschlin brand brings together companies from Tschlin and Valsot that produce local products and offer tourist services.
Further information on the providers
Salsiz Zanetti
Specialities Butcher Zanetti
The family business in the Lower Engadin with fine sausages and smoked meats.
To the butcher Engiadina Gourmet – the shop

Bieraria Engiadinaisa

Since 2004 beer has been brewed in the mountain village of Tschlin in the Lower Engadin. For capacity reasons, however, the Bieraria moved to new premises in Martina in 2015. The Tschlin Brewery produces and markets an unfiltered organic beer made from local barley malt, Tschlin water, Swiss organic hops and Swiss organic yeast, and can be enjoyed in many restaurants in the region.

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Alpenbrauerei Girun.
Alpine brewery Girun
Speciality brewery with tasting facilities. Speciality brewery with unique view at 1570 m above sea level in Tschlin.
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