Engadin Scuol

A visit to the professional snowboarder Nevin Galmarini at the venue of the FIS Snowboard World Cup

Engadin Scuol – Home of Hardbooters

It smells of snow as we accompany Nevin Galmarini, Olympian from Ardez, up to the snow sports area Scuol. The sun pushes its way through the cloud layer and presents the World Cup course from its most mystical side. The journey through the venue of this year's Snowboard World Cup in the Lower Engadine can begin.


We wanted to know if he would be able to get up here before the World Cup final: "That is already possible," says Nevin. "But then certainly with a huge anticipation of the event in my home country in front of a home audience," he continues. "I am proud to bring my home country closer to my fellow combatants in this way". Understandable, we find. And somehow also enviable.
"Inavant", Hopp Nevin! We look forward with you to March 10, 2018.
And when Nevin starts his way home, the announced flakes fall from the sky.

Text: Madeleine Pope
pictures: Claudio Daguati & Dominik Täuber

Nevin Galmarini - Profile

Ardezer (GR), Profisnowboarder, Biker, Outdoorsportler, Botschafter für Engadin Scuol, Student
Born: 4.12.1986
Disziplin: Snowboard Alpin
Club: Club da Snowboard Umblanas Scuol
Greatest successes: Olympic silver medal winner SOCHI 2014, World Championship bronze medal winner Sierra Nevada/ESP 2017, World Cup winner Rogla 2017, Swiss champion 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017.


Around the FIS Snowboard World Cup Scuol

Location: Prui slope in the Scuol ski area in the Lower Engadine

Access to the race track: Access lifts from Ftan and Scuol. From Motta Naluns Scuol mountain station a 50-minute walk.

Side events on Friday: distribution of starting numbers, performance by Snook the Swiss rapper from Tarasp.

Side-Events on Saturday: Top-class suspense in the finish area, concert between the qualification and the final with Snook. World Cup party in the Marmotta and Cult.

Event homepage with publication of various information: www.scuol-snowboardworldcup.ch



Facts: Historical facts about the Snowboard Alpin in Scuol

Scuol has been at the center of the alpine snowboard scene from the beginning:

  • 1987 the first snowboard school in Europe was founded in Scuol
  • 1993 the Scuoler Cla Mosca became the first world champion in the sport snowboard alpine
  • Since 1993/94 the High Alpine Institute Ftan has been running a sports school for young snowboarders
  • 1997 the Scuoler Fadri Mosca (Cla's brother) also became world champion in snowboard alpine
  • 2014 Nevin Galmarini from Ardez won the silver medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

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