Engadin Scuol

Interplay of light and shadow

Winter hiking in Lower Engadin

Like a striking sgraffito painting, winter in the Engadin is alive with a beautiful interplay of light and shadow. Sun-kissed villages are peppered throughout the soft, sweeping landscape, high above the Inn river, while dark green forests hide among the shadows of the majestic Lower Engadin Dolomite mountain range. The sparkling river flows past historic relics such as Tarasp Castle and forms magical winter scenes made from water, snow and ice. Numerous mountain restaurants, seamless signage and access by train, bus and cable car make it easier than ever to enjoy a winter hike through the Alps. Depending on our fitness levels, we embark on multi-day trips like the Via Engiadina trail, or take advantage of the variety of routes, switching spontaneously to the other side of the valley and going wherever our hearts’ desire.

Postauto in Scuol
Public transport and mobility in the Lower Engadin
In the entire Engadin Scuol holiday region, guests can rely on the on-site public transport offer. Leave your car behind and use the PostBus and the Rhaetian Railway for your excursions.

Bogn Engiadina mineral bathhouse

Bogn Engiadina is located in the heart of the Scuol spa region and features an extensive sauna area and a Roman-Irish bathhouse. After a cold winter’s day, it’s the perfect place to relax and recuperate.

Bogn Engiadina

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