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Holidays in the home of Schellen-Ursli: Uorsin and Guarda


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“High up in the mountains, far from here, there lives a little boy just like you. In this tiny village, poor and small, his home all alone below.” Welcome to the home of Schellen-Ursli! Head for the hills and follow in the footsteps of this adventurous boy with the messy black hair, too-short trousers, pointy hat and beaming smile.

Schellen Ursli Highlights

  • Schellen Ursli Pass

    This summer and autumn a personal Schellen-Ursli-Pass can be obtained from the guest information offices in the Lower Engadine.

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  • Schellen Ursli trail

    Experience Schellen-Ursli's adventure on eight posts along the Schellen-Ursli-Trail.

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  • Schellen-Ursli-Museum

    This is how the Schellen-Ursli used to live! The Schellen Ursli Museum in Guarda offers insights into various scenes of children's history.

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