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Swiss National Park

With the onset of winter in mid November, the Swiss National Park becomes encased in a thick layer of snow. To ensure the animals living there are not disturbed during this time, the park closes over winter. Spring usually starts later in the national park than in other parts of Switzerland. Despite this, the first few hiking trails reopen to the public around the end of May and the park once again reveals its unique beauty to visitors from far and wide. The park is at its best in July and August, when the diverse plant life of this Alpine paradise is in full bloom. This is also an ideal time to observe local wildlife – so don’t forget to bring along your binoculars. In autumn the days grow shorter and inclement weather signals the approaching winter. The national park prepares to go into hibernation.

Highlights im Schweizerischen Nationalpark

  • 21 wonderful hikes

    From easy to challenging. From short to long. For families and nature lovers.

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  • Nationalparkzentrum

    In den vier Ausstellungsräumen des Besucherzentrums erfahren Sie mehr zum Thema Nationalpark, seiner Fauna und Flora, der Geschichte...

    Zum Nationalparkzentrum

Regulations for protecting the park’s pristine, untouched natural environment. Thank you.

  • Hikers must stay on the marked trails at all times

  • Do not leave behind any kind of rubbish

  • Do not take any items found in the park, such as animals, plants, wood and rocks

  • Dogs are not permitted in the park, even if they are on a leash

  • No winter sports (skiing or snowshoe treks), cycling or flying devices

  • No swimming in the lakes and streams

  • No fires (risk of forest fires!)

  • No sleeping overnight in the park, not even in vehicles parked along Ofenpassstrasse

  • Do not make any changes to the natural environment

For more information about the Swiss National Park www.nationalpark.ch.

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