Engadin Scuol

From world-famous spa region to wellness destination

The mineral springs of Scuol

Miracul Aua - Wunder Wasser.

In the surroundings of Scuol, more than 20 mineral springs bubble up, which were first mentioned in a document in 1369. The villages of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera became world-famous as health resorts 100 years ago and still attract guests from all over the world. Bathing in the mineral bath Bogn Engiadina, walking along the river Inn past the historic drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp or tasting mineral water at the various village fountains – the mineral water can be experienced in many ways.

Auf dem Mineralwasserweg in der Clozza-Schlucht - miraculaua Scuol
Mineral water trails Scuol
Discover several mineral springs and fountains in and around Scuol on three tours.
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The master of wells: Johannes Studer

Refreshingly cool the water gushes out of the village wells. But where does this precious commodity come from and what are the duties of a well master?

Learn more

«miraculaua» bottle

At five village fountains and at numerous tapped springs you can taste mineral water and also fill it directly for on the way. Get the «miraculaua» bottle for CHF 31.00 from the visitor information centres or order the bottle from the shop.

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The mineral water fountains at a glance

  • Squirrel Fountain

    The fountain with the squirrel carries the mineral water of the Clozza spring and the red bench next to it invites you to take a little break.

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  • Village fountain Bagnera

    The «Bügl Bagnera» contains the mineral water of the Sotsass spring and is located near the mineral bath Bogn Engiadina.

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  • Village fountain Bügl Grond

    The «Bügl Grond» is located in the lower part of the village in the middle of a large square, surrounded by beautifully preserved Engadin houses. The fountain has a supply of the Chalzina and Tulai springs.

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  • Village fountain Plaz

    On the village fountain Plaz, which carries the mineral water of the Sotsass spring, a wooden figure is enthroned and in summer the pedestrians enjoy the wonderful flower decorations.

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  • Village fountain Plazzetta

    The Plazzetta Fountain stands in the upper part of the village of Scuol and is embedded between old Engadin houses. The reddish colouring in the fountain produces the mineral water of the Vi spring.

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Wasserkaraffe AUA – Engadin Scuol Zernez – Andrea Badrutt
Water carafe «AUA»
In various hotels and restaurants you will meet the water carafe with the triangle. If you would like to have one at home, it can be bought for CHF 15.00 at the visitor information centre Scuol.
Learn more about the carafe and the value of water (in German)

Bogn Engiadina mineral bathhouse

Bogn Engiadina is located in the heart of the Scuol spa region and features an extensive sauna area and a Roman-Irish bathhouse. After a cold winter’s day, it’s the perfect place to relax and recuperate.

Bogn Engiadina
Büvetta Tarasp – Nairs, Engadin Scuol Zernez – darmar.world
Drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp
The two strongest mineral springs in the region still flow in the former drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp in Nairs. The historical building is not accessible due to the danger of rockfall.
Information about the drinking hall and the association «Pro Büvetta Tarasp», which aims at the preservation and reopening

Project for (mineral) water positioning

The Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region would like to make it even easier for you to experience the mineral water and its springs and is working on various projects with numerous partners. First results can already be discovered.

More about (mineral) water positioning

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